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What Is Love?

July 09, 20213 min read

As a small child, naturally your parents are expected to be your source of love.  Then as we get older most people tend to believe that another person has to be their source of love.

Love is an extremely strong force, simply because it has no limits.  In other words, there’s something that feels right about it and there’s a reason for it. That reason relates directly to the source.  In fact, we were most definitely made by a power of love, and our lives were meant – and are meant – to be lived in that love.

Equally important is the fact that this is why we are here in this world.  Ultimately the source of this intense feeling of affection is God himself: The source of all of our lives.

The Power of Love

It is a powerful emotion which most of us have experienced at some point in our lives. Furthermore, it is a force of nature and can be addictive merely because we can’t seem to get enough of it.

According to Derek Gamba, “You cannot make someone love you.  You can only make yourself someone who can be loved.”

Also I’m sure you’ve heard of that old adage “love is blind.”  There's science that backs it up.  In a nutshell, when we experience this powerful emotion with someone, the brain’s ability to formulate logical judgment is diminished.

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Dr. Gary Chapman states that "The 5 Love Languages" in which we express and experience love are "Words of Affirmation", "Quality Time", "Receiving Gifts", "Acts of Service", and "Physical Touch."

First, words of affirmation are expressed by simply giving your partner a verbal compliment or saying thank you.

Second, engage in meaningful and supportive conversation and activities with your significant other as a way of spending quality time.

Third, your emotions will run high each time you are given a gift, if your love language is receiving gifts. This is regardless of its cost or even size.

Fourth, willingly helping out with household chores or making dinner for your significant other are both considered acts of service.

Last but certainly not least, regular hugs, kisses, even holding hands, or touching your partner's face all create intimacy. These are all necessities if your primary love language is physical touch. This shows your partner that you enjoy being close to him/her.

Take some time to identify which of these is your primary love language, inquire about your partner's as well, and discuss what this looks like in your relationship.

love is the answer

The Importance of Love

It has the ability to reveal a lot about ourselves that we may not have already known.

Consequently, it causes our preferences, morality, thought processes and instinctive reactions to all reveal a lot about our character.

Likewise, the importance of it speaks volumes as we tend to strive to better ourselves. It is not merely for the sake of our partner loving us more, but also, to set new goals, do better in life, and generally strive for the best.

As a matter of fact, it is an incredible feeling and is one of the pinnacles of the brief existence that is our life. Dr. Terri Orbuch's book "Finding Love Again: 6 Simple Steps To a New and Happy Relationship” is excellent reading material if you're divorced or find yourself single again after a long term relationship. 

love is the answer

As a final point, unconditional love allows us to live an authentic life and to enjoy meaningful relationships.

More importantly, let’s just say that no other force in the world has the ability to penetrate the most hardened heart.

It has the power to heal humanity. Whatever you attempt in life, always attempt it with love. Don’t underestimate it; Don’t even oversentimentalize it. 

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