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Frequently Asked Questions

When Will I Know If I Need A Relationship Coach?

Are you tired of the heartache and heartbreak from dating the same man, just with a different name and a different face?

Do you want to find the right relationship rather than engaging in the toxic ones that have created endless hurt and pain?

Are you fed up with toxic relationships and are ready to graduate from toxicity to authenticity?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then relationship coaching can definitely help.

You join the gym or hire a trainer to get into shape. You employ an accountant to handle your taxes.  So why not engage the services of a Love Coach to help you attain a happy and healthy relationship?

Avarel offers science-based dating and relationship coaching services to help you find that special someone, understand and be understood by your partner, and grow together as a couple.

How Does Relationship Coaching Really Help?

💖 Helps determine if you’re ready for a relationship. 

💖 Creates healthy boundaries and promotes self-love.

💖 You’ll master how to make the best first impressions when dating. 

💖 Debunks the myths vs. realities of relationships. 

💖 Changes your self-sabotaging beliefs. 

💖 Determines if you’re in an unhealthy relationship. 

💖 Helps you understand and discuss the three key areas of personal expectations. 

💖 Provides insight to differentiate love from lust. 

💖  Helps you assess your deal breakers.

💖 Supports you in overcoming the fear surrounding the thought of leaving a toxic relationship. 

💖 Identify your key life values and determine which ones are most important to you.

💖 Improves your relationship with yourself and your partner. 

💖 Helps combat jealousy in your relationship.

💖 Promotes learning how to communicate effectively and resolve conflict constructively. 

💖 Fosters building trust (which is the most important and vital aspect of any relationship).

💖 Encourages development of a deeper physical and emotional connection in your relationship.

Where Do We Meet For Our Sessions?

Thanks to the power of technology, I meet with local, out of state and international clients via Zoom.  We also communicate via phone or email between sessions. 

How Long Do You Typically Work With Clients?

Typically I work with clients for 12 weeks. My clients are in for the long haul and some of them continue their sessions to maximize the results of their goals. 

Change doesn’t happen overnight and there’s no quick fix either. Whatever has prevented you from finding love is usually innate patterns embedded in you and won’t disappear instantly.

What Is The Difference Between Relationship Coaching And Counseling?

Relationship coaching focuses on the present and future, rather than the past. No matter what previously happened, you can ultimately create a path to happiness, where both of you learn to love, respect, understand and appreciate each other.

Therefore, Relationship Coaches help individuals identify the current obstacles in their path to happiness. We help you break through the barriers keeping you stuck, and take action to see results towards your desired goals within a specific period of time.

Counseling is a type of psychotherapy generally provided by a licensed therapist. It mostly involves talking, when in actuality you need an action plan with strategies to achieve results.

You will transform your mindset and discover the love life you desire with relationship coaching. Clients say this is a great investment because it’s more effective than money wasted on traditional therapy.

When Will I Meet With My Relationship Coach?

I meet with clients once a week. There is also “Love” homework between sessions.

Coaching in this particular time frame allows for clients to apply the learned techniques between sessions and to reflect on what other areas they may want to improve in the process.

Is There Confidentiality?

As Coaches we are held to strict confidentiality. The standards of professional conduct’s primary goal is the welfare and protection of the individuals we are working with. 

Maintaining confidentiality is vital to ensure that my clients feel safe, secure and encouraged to open up and share any existing issues. What happens in our coaching sessions stay in our sessions.

What Is The Cost of Your Coaching Services?

I offer 1-hour deep dive sessions, which include an analysis, feedback, science-based action steps and love homework at $250/hr.

Private and group coaching programs are available and require completion of an application. A Discovery Session is required prior to enrolling in any program to learn more about you, your challenges, your goals and to determine if we’re a good fit to work together.

We can discuss your coaching preference during your consultation. Group coaching is $3,000 for 12 weeks. The cost of private coaching will depend on the length of time we work together.

Payment plans are available if necessary.

Be Your Authentic Self

Say goodbye to toxic relationships and hello to a journey of self-love, healing and transformation.

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