Hi! I'm Avarel

Graduate from Toxicity




Founder of Seeking Synergy, Bestselling Author, Lifestyle & Financial Expert,

Certified Dating & Relationship Coach

My Story

I’m a serial entrepreneur, having owned a lucrative moving and trucking company and co-owned a Matchmaking company here in the Atlanta area.

I am co-author of the bestselling book Everyday Woman's Guide To Living Your Best Life. In this book, you'll unlock the secrets to living a life of joy, abundance, and success; Learn how to create a life of purpose and passion; Discover the tools and techniques to make positive changes and transform your life.

Since I wore many hats in my family such as “mini” attorney, financial adviser and a confidant on so many levels, I realized early on that I had the gift and passion for being a leader.

It brings me joy being a licensed LIfe Insurance Agent and Financial Expert. I thrive on helping individuals protect their families, achieve their financial goals and obtain financial freedom, while also building generational wealth.

However, it was the unfortunate experience of a divorce several years ago that thrusted me into this industry.

Clinging to my God-given inner strength, I emerged with courage and determination that taught me increased self-worth, confidence, and a better understanding of the importance of having a happy and healthy relationship.

Turning Pain Into Purpose

I chose to let that experience make me who I am today, rather than break me. I ultimately decided to become a Certified Dating and Relationship Coach, founded and became CEO of Seeking Synergy in 2019.

So I became very passionate about helping single women break their toxic dating cycles. I empower them to master the art of dating with clarity, confidence and communication. Teaching them that they have the power to control the course of their relationships has empowered them tremendously.

This in turn gives me a sense of empowerment as well. Educating each woman to embrace her authentic self, navigate the dating landscape with grace, and ultimately find the love she deserves has been truly rewarding.

By the grace of God, I met a wonderful man who is just perfect for me. It has been an amazing journey getting to apply everything I know and learned to my relationship to ensure it has healthy boundaries, respect, communication, trust and understanding we are each responsible for our own happiness.

Be Your Authentic Self

Say goodbye to toxic relationships and hello to a journey of self-love, healing and transformation.

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